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How to elope in Asheville, NC

The Blue Ridge Mountains are a beautiful backdrop for any wedding or special event. There are a few things to note though when choosing where to elope. 

  • The Blue Ridge Parkway has spectacular views but does require an application and permit to be filed. You are also not allowed real floral, candles, or alcohol. You must leave no trace that you were there and be respectful of all plant life.   

  • The National Forests are also breathtaking but similarly, there is a no trace policy, no alcohol, no floral, no candles. You do need an application submitted.

  • If you are including family it is important to consider where they can hike to or if they need an accessible space. We offer a variety of locations that will provide the gorgeous mountains but not the hike.  

  • It is also important to consider the weather and time of year. Some areas are closed to travel in the winter months due to snowy & icy roads. 

  • We offer a variety of gorgeous venue locations... Barns, Mountains, Flowers, Bar, Old Forests, Farms, Horses & Downtown. Or if you have your own unique location in mind we are open to other options like backyards & parks.

Picking a wedding ceremony officiant.

  • We love working with Emily. She has a calming energy, really makes everyone feel comfortable, and is far from traditional but can absolutely conduct a traditional ceremony as well. She specializes in handfasting ceremonies which we think are gorgeous. If you have a relative or other person you woud like to officiate your ceremony we are happy to accommodate. 

  • You will pick up your marriage license. She will file it after the ceremony so you can move on to celebrating! 

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