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Eliza Bell Photography (preferred)

  • Long time Asheville Resident

  • Mother and Maker

  • Elopement Photographer in WNC

  • Mission: to celebrate honest loving connection + to allow people to feel truly seen.

  • Link to Eliza Bells Photo Gallery

Celeste Adams King w/ Hidden Flower

  • Asheville Native

  • Mother, Creator, Visionary

  • Elopement Planner in WNC

  • Mission: keep things simple, sustainable, stress-free, and sweet. 

  • Link to Hidden Flowers offerings

Emily Morel (Preferred)

  • Long time Asheville resident

  • Tattoo Artist 

  • LGBTQ wedding officiant, commitment ceremonies, renewal of vows

  • Lover of nature, and traditions

  • More info on Emily

Makenzie @ Pop up Picnic (preferred)

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